True Superheroes


Super Shrimp

Sadly we have come to the end of our True Superhero posts, Super Shrimp is our last one from our first event. But like I said, we are planning more, so don’t be sad…. or pretend to for our benefit Kennedy came in with her older sister Savannah, aka: Super Bug (featured in the last post). I could tell she… Read more →



Sweet Savannah, what a bright, fun and cute girl! So very easy to photograph her with her cool karate moves she kept whipping out! Super Bug was sure super fun, and we were happy to meet her and her sister! ┬áSavannah has Stevens Johnson Syndrome (which is a rare, serious disorder affecting the skin and mucous membranes), has had an… Read more →


The Sensational Simon

Awww, sweet, sweet Simon! It was wonderful to finally meet the incomparable artist behind Simon’s Hands! What a sweet spirit emanated from this darling boy. So lovable, and patient with us. He was our last True Hero of the day, so we really savored the last shoot of the day. Simon has Trisomy 11Q Monosomy 20P, he is very unique… Read more →

Super J

Super J!! My heart melted when I laid eyes on this darling boy with the darling outfit, and that glorious head of curls! And what a sweetheart too! The cameras sure loved him, and so did we! He did decide he was done with us after too long, but it was ok, because we got enough Jayson was born full-term… Read more →